VAT regulation in Malta

In the State of Malta, VAT returns must be submitted to the relevant entity on a quarterly or annual basis. Registered companies or natural persons may also submit their periodic VAT return (monthly or quarterly) and report intra-Community sales (EC sales list) directly to the European Union VAT Information Exchange System (VIES).

RTS ADVISORY’s experience is able to provide indications on those particular business activities that are subject to VAT legislation and, if required, support the companies or individuals in completing the necessary documents and forms to ensure that periodic VAT returns and EC sales lists are duly completed and filed with the competent authorities.

Corporate and personal income tax services and company tax services

RTS ADVISORY provides support related to both personal and business income tax. Thanks to our experience we are able to guarantee timeliness in the submission of tax returns and to provide advice to minimise the tax impact, while ensuring full compliance with the respective tax regulations.

Tax structuring

Our consultants are able to provide professional consultancy on the best tax solutions for any type of requirement, in order to effectively structure the presence in Malta, minimising the tax impact. Our consultants are able to carry out any form of corporate structure or request for a particular incentive regime.

Ensure compliance with tax statutes for companies and individuals

RTS ADVISORY is also responsible for providing assistance to companies and individuals during the self-assessment phases and in the submission of annual income tax calculations. RTS ADVISORY also provides assistance for the payment of concession fees and ensures that the respective authorities pay tax refunds due to Clients correctly.