The necessary requirements to use Back-Office services

To activate back-office services you must set up a company in Malta by submitting an application to the Malta Business Registry (MBR), attaching the following documents:

  • indicate the clients and businesses that are not residents in Malta;
  • relevant information about the incorporated company, memorandum and articles of association;
  • financial statements and company profile, if available, information about the registers;
  • shareholders / beneficiaries details;
  • a business and financial plan;
  • relevant information about the clients or companies receiving the services;
  • information about the premises in Malta, from where the services will be provided;
  • estimate the number of people to be employed and any required work permits.

Secretarial services

In addition to back office services, RTS ADVISORY also offers secretarial and management services that are tailored to the clients’ needs, which include:

  • Personalized telephone secretarial service in Italian or English, by means of recorded messages which are processed in accordance to predefined instructions
  • Fax services that can receive faxes on behalf of clients
  • Mailing and mail service address
  • Meeting Room Facilities