Investment funds for “Experienced” investors

In accordance to the legislation, an “experienced investor” is a person that has all the competences and experience to be able to understand the nature of the investments and take the relative decisions about them independently. 

An  experienced investor must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum investment amounting to €10,000;
  • a person who has gained a minimum working experience of 1 year in the financial sector or has been active in the field of investments covered by the fund even as an entrepreneur;
  • a person who has gained reasonable experience in the acquisition and/or sale of fund quotas having the same typology as the fund in question;
  • a person who has carried out significant financial transactions with a certain frequency: for example, 4 transactions per quarter for two years with a minimum amount of €30,000;
  • There are envisaged limitations and restrictions on temporary loans. However, there are restrictions regarding leverage through derivatives that cannot exceed 100% of the NAV.