Investment funds for extraordinary investors

Investors must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum investment amounting to €750,000;
  2. A legal or natural person that has minimum net assets amounting to €75,000,000.
  3. A legal or natural person that has gained reasonable experience trading in funds having the same typology;
  4. No capital or experience criteria are required for those persons that have gained at least one year’s experience, in managerial functions, in companies operating in the financial sector;
  5. Persons that are very close to the promoters of the fund, maximum 10 people;
  6. No leverage limits, no restrictions on investment and indebtedness except those defined by the promoters in the memorandum without the need to appoint the custodian banca with the role of monitoring the manager; a prime broker can cover the role of “safe keeping” and execution of orders;
  7. It is required for the investor to be qualified as an “Extraordinary Investor”

This PIF typology obtains the operating licence very quickly from the MFSA regulator;