Banking licence in Malta

Banking Credit Institution Licence
RTS Advisory Ltd offers professional consultancy aimed at obtaining a banking licence in Malta.(Banking Act, Chap 371)

The legislation on credit institution provides that companies licensed as a credit institution, in Malta, can offer the following services:

  • Deposits of funds by the public in their own account and on payment instruments repayable on sight or within a specific period;
  • Raising funds from public savings in order to lend or invest, at your own risk, all or part of the funds;

The Maltese credit institutions, subject to the authorisation by the MFSA regulator, can offer the following ancillary services.

  • Financial leasing;
  • Payment  services;
  • Issuance and management of other means of payment (bank cheques, bank drafts and similar instruments);
  • Guarantees and bonds;
  • Trading on own account or on behalf of clients in:
    • money market instruments (cheques, bills of exchange, certificates of deposit and similar instruments);
    • currency exchange services;
    • futures and  financial options;
    • exchange and interest rate instruments;
    • transferable securities;
  • Participation in the issue of securities and the provision of services related to such issues;
  • Consultancy to companies in relation to financial structure, industrial strategy and related issues and advice as well as services related to mergers and the acquisition of companies;
  • Credit intermediation;
  • Portfolio management and consultancy;
  • Custody and administration of transferable securities;
  • Commercial information services;
  • Safety deposit box services;
  • Issue of  electronic money

Initial minimum capital requirement The initial minimum capital to obtain the licence amounts to 6 Million Euro. 

Timeframe to obtain a licence
The approximate timeframe to obtain this type of licence is about 9/12 months. 

The licence to offer of banking services can be passported in all EU member states.